Selling Mt. Washington Valley Real Estate

When selling your property, Attitash Realty provides you with the commitment and experience that only a vested partner can, offering over 45 years of service to ensure you acquire the greatest return on your real estate investment.

Working directly with you, we will assist you in reviewing your objectives as a seller, address first impressions of your property and offer insights to enhance marketability.  Additionally, Attitash Realty will work directly with you to establish a tailored sales and marketing plan to aggressively position your property in the market – reaching active home-buyers searching for a home in the greater Mount Washington Valley region.

What are things you can do to improve your property? Be sure to check out our Seller’s Checklist below.

A Seller’s Checklist

Selling for the first time or has it been a minute since you last listed your property? We’ve complied some easy to implement tips and tricks that we’ve found to really separate a mediocre showing from an unforgettable one.

Click any of the tips below to read more about specific details and how they can help get your property from listed to sold.

Remember, you have less than half a minute to hook potential buyers, and a house that needs some clean-up will not do the job.

You don’t want that leaky faucet to be the sticking point on your house. Eliminate that problem before it can become one.

Make the house look as big as it can by getting rid of extraneous furniture, keepsakes or anything that will visually shrink your home.

In the spirit of removing what you don’t need, you’ll also want to that make it seem like you’re not holding onto the house. The home should look like it’s ready to be moved into by anyone so they can add their own personal touches and special items to it.

Walking into a quiet, peaceful environment will put the buyer at ease, and that’s the way you want them.

Make sure that you make use of all available lights. Bright, happy homes are what people remember and want to be in, so throw up the blinds and leave the lights on so you give the impression of an open, bright, airy home.

Odors from pets, smoking, food or other potential turn-offs should be eliminated right off the bat. Keeping windows open is one way to do this, as is making sure you take out the trash and keep people from smoking indoors.

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